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In August 2015, Jonathan was invited to be one of the speakers for a 3-day Shamanic Summit hosted by The Shift Network in USA. His session was called “Accepting Power: Shamanism as a Spiritual Path” -

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that gives us the power to walk through life. Power is at the core of the shaman's work - it is the shaman’s ability to call power which brings healing from the Spirits. Power is also at the centre of much of our lives, but what is power? And how can we learn to receive it and use it, rather than be controlled by it?

You can listen to the full interview with Jonathan by clicking on the audioplayer below:

This interview was part of The Shamanism Global Summit 2015, a free online event which featured today’s teachers and healers from around the planet who shared insights, principles and rituals for personal and collective transformation, please visit This recording is a copyright of Jonathan Horwitz and The Shift Network. All rights reserved.