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We have our own drumming CD, produced by B-Joe Johansen, who drums on it together with Jonathan, Kirsten Slots, and Marianne Hvass Kure. It has two tracks, one for a 20 minute journey and for a 30 minute journey. Both begin with Jonathan's distinctive whistling.


Here are a few people we know and have worked with. You can find many more in Sacred Hoop magazine.

NICK WOOD is a hugely experienced master drum- and rattlemaker. His work is mainly inspired by North American Indians. He also holds courses, and makes CDs with drumming and music from Native America, and his own compositions. See

KATHY FRIED makes beautiful Spirit inspired rattles, as well as other shamanic power objects. She also leads rattle-making courses. See

DAY FEYE is an “Elder Drummaker” whose beautiful drums are Sami inspired with an oval form. Day makes drums on order and has for many years held drummaking courses in Norway and other European countries. His work is now available by appointment so email him if you are interested.

TROMMEVAERKSTEDET sell both ready-made and handmade drums, with synthetic and natural skins. Also rattles, drumming CDs, incense, books, and courses in drum-making. See

SHAMANTROMMER are Erik and Susanne who make drums in the same family as Day’s. Susanne also makes beautiful rattles on order. They hold drum and rattle courses in both Denmark and Sweden. See

CHRISTIANA HARLE leads drummaking courses deep in the Finnish wilderness. To learn more about her various shamanic courses, visit She has also written an article on Tuvan shamanism and drums.

MARIE BECH makes carefully crafted rattles, drums and other shamanic objects. She is based in southern Sweden and sells work ready-made or on commission. See

Edith Wilhelmy makes hand-made drums with a special tuning system, in the same style as Jonathan's workshop drum. The drumskin can be tightened or untightened with a few easy adjustments, which makes it more playable in different weather and temperature conditions. See (website is not in English but she can be contacted in English).

There are many flute makers, but these are the three Jonathan knows and recommends. All three of these flute makers are people who see their work as a service and the quality of their work is excellent.

CHARLIE MATO-TOYELA made Jonathan's Chreokee river-reed flute. A great beginners flute with a sweet tone at a great price. Charlie also makes quality cedar and pine flutes:

STEVE FROST sells good solid flutes, great for back-packing, with a pure tone. Steve made Jonathan's first flute and he loves it. Email or see

GEOFF NORMAN makes beautiful instruments, fantastic workmanship and tone, good for experienced players. Slightly more expensive, but he does include CDs on how to play. Email: or see

Many of you ask where Jonathan gets the smoke he uses on courses. It is usually Fir Balsam and sometimes Cedar, from Paine's Products in the USA. You can also sometimes buy it from Trommeværkstedet in Denmark.