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In Scandinavia, we are arriving in the dark time. The time of going within, resting and dreaming. Of finding deep knowledge and guidance for the time to come, opening to new possibilities that are beginning to grow.

The gifts of Winter are many. It can be easy to look past them, wishing for brighter warmth, but this is the time now. As always with shamanic work, it is easier to work with Power than against it, and so it is with the Seasons. Every season is alive. Every season has its powers. Learning to work with Winter and flow with its particular energy can be very inspiring. Do like the Sun and stand still. Listen. Open. Find yourself in tune with what is here now; with what is happening in the sky, underground, in the waters. Maybe you want to journey to the Spirit of Winter and ask: how can I honour and receive your gifts?

The Solstice is both about welcoming the return of the Sun and giving thanks for the healing power of the dark. This year is a special Solstice and now more than ever we can take time to Celebrate all our wishes for a better world and all that we love about Life – the dreams, the joy, the gratitude and beauty, our Hopes for what is possible. Even though it has been a tough, unusual year demanding stamina and focus, there is still much to be thankful for. Finding those treasures in your heart, that you truly feel grateful for, can be deeply healing – both for ourselves and for the World around us. Giving thanks to the Water, giving thanks to the Air, giving thanks to the Soil, giving thanks to the Fire, both away in the sky and in the heart of our planet. This is a beautiful world: there is much to be grateful for and there is also much that needs to be done to help the World remain vibrantly alive.

When we work with the Power of the Season, we work with what is. As we have been asked to stay more at home this year, we can take time to find our way to what home means for us. If we have been asked to stay inside, then we can go even deeper within. If we have found ourselves less active, we can take time to be with stillness.
Winter invites us to listen deeply, into the silence. Listen to hear what is waiting to be born. These dark days are a doorway into a vast landscape of possibility. So may this be our work now, together with the Spirits - dreaming the world anew.

~ Jonathan and Zara ~


Jonathan and Zara will continue to hold mainly online courses for the time being. They have decided to cancel their residential Spring courses at Tokalynga but hope the residential Summer courses may be able to run: if so, they will be extended versions of the introduction course Shaman’s Journey 14-18 July, and the classic Shamanism, Death & Life, 21-27 July.

Annette will first teach a weekend introduction Shaman’s Journey in Mid-Jutland in Danish, 9-11 April, then the Iceland Seidr course in English, 28 April – 2 May. We keep our fingers crossed that this time it will be possible to go through with the course, as it has a long waiting list. She will also do a Seidr course in Danish: ForestSeidr 9-13 June, in Mid-Sealand, Denmark. Her Spirit Voice course planned for February has been postponed til 10-12 Sept

If possible, we may have extra physical courses added in Autumn, more information about that later



During the coming months, Jonathan and Zara will offer a range of online courses. Although different to coming together in person, working in Circle online is very powerful and inspiring in its own way. Long-distance courses can also help you to ground your shamanic practice in your own home and regular everyday life. 

One of the new online courses is open to all, the others are for those with experience of shamanic journeying:

Being Home – 4 sessions, once a week, for those who would like to explore a deepening sense of home, both in themselves and their bodies, as well as with the place they live and the Earth itself. It begins Wed 27 Jan and offers a beautiful way to start the year.

The Deepening Path – a retreat programme stretching over a longer time, for those who wish to step further on their shamanic path and explore it within a dedicated Circle community. Beginning Sat 6 March, we will meet every 3 weeks over 2 months. It also offers personal work at home and small group gatherings.

Into the Journey – 5 sessions, held every two weeks, for those who have learned how to journey with the Drum and would like to go further. It begins Thu 16 March and focuses on the journey as the language of the Spirits, how to find and formulate clear intentions, and how to receive the deeper teachings. This is a good course as a next step after introductory work.

Rhythms of Life – this webinar-style course is open to all, no previous training needed. We will meet 4 times, every 2 weeks, beginning Sun 21 March. Working with Nature and Ceremony, we will step into the cycles of life, the power of the seasons and move with change. The Springtime energy will help us to learn more about endings, beginnings, transitions and thresholds, and stepping into the new by saying goodbye to the old.


Jonathan & Zara continue to offer occasional free online shamanic talks throughout next year. The latest, on the theme of Shamanism as a Spiritual Path, is now available on their You Tube channel “Shaman Circle Center

Wherever you find yourself this Midwinter, we wish you peaceful deep times full of good health, restoration and magic


*** For full information on courses and how to book, see website coursepage ***

  NEWS - AUTUMN 2020  

As we go through Harvest days, this is a deep time to reflect on where we are. For many of us, it has not been an easy year, and it may feel like there is still a long way to go. But simply waiting for it to be over will not bring real change. There is no choice now but change. We cannot go back, we have to be where we are. Open our eyes and open hearts to the new beginnings that are waiting.

Even if you don’t know what it is, is there a way you can welcome the new growing out of these days? The harvest is a time both of endings and beginnings, of gathering together and taking stock, seeing where we have come from and what lies ahead. In the harvest season we receive what has grown through the year and is coming to fruition. It may not always be easy to see gifts in this year, but we can take time to look deeper.

Change is happening all the time, to all of us, and together with the Spirits we can face change and step into it. We can move with it, allow it to empower us, rather than fight, resist and be battered. As Jonathan’s Teacher told him years ago: Life is change, shamanism is change with power. When we ask for help, difficult situations have the potential to transform into gifts.

So how can we welcome these new beginnings? Recognising where we are helps us to get our bearings. Knowing what we have with us, what we have learned and need to remember, gives us richer resources. Keeping a clear vision and strong intention in our hearts helps us not to get lost. And keeping connected ensures that we are supported when we stumble or fall.

If you allowed the Power of this Harvest time to touch you, how would it feel? What does it bring you and how does it change you? What are the gifts this season reveals to you? What do you want to work for in this coming time, rather than against?

In Scandinavia, this is a time where Nature is filled with abundance, plenty, generosity, gratitude. As we give thanks, we remember and we become fuller. The power of the harvest can bring us what we need for the coming time, and let all we have been through transmute wisdom and energy to help us in the coming time. What do you want to harvest from this very special year?

The poet William Stafford wrote: “There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change.” For the shaman that thread is the connection to the Spirit world, together with strong intent. What is your thread that runs through everything you have been doing this year? What is your thread that you will not let go of?

Whatever you look forward to, however uncertain or unknown, however challenging or terrifying, ask for help to meet it with Joy, with Power, with Love. Feel your roots deep down into the Earth, giving you steadfastness and connection. Feel your thread connecting you to your path. Let the Song of Life sing from your Heart as you remember, even now, even here: Life is strong and all around us.

Thank you for this Harvest time, may it be Blessed Times
Jonathan and Zara

(You can read Annette’s Danish newsletter text on shamanic masks in English on our SCSS FB page)


Jonathan and Zara will only hold online courses for the rest of this year but hope to be able to offer residential courses as well in the future. In 2021 they have planned two introduction courses THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY, 29 April-2 May and 14-18 July, then CIRCLE OF LIFE, 5-9 May, and SHAMANISM, DEATH & LIFE, 21-27 July. They will all be held at our classic course venue Tokalynga. It still remains to be seen if it will be possible to run them, but if you are interested in having your name on the list, you are welcome to email Zara.

Annette's October ICELAND SEIDR course has been re-scheduled for 28 April-2 May, 2021. She is also teaching a Danish weekend introductionTHE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY, 13-15 Nov and her SPIRIT VOICE course, 19-21 Feb 2021, is open for bookings.



Jonathan and Zara have found that working in Circle online has been very powerful and inspiring. It is not the same as coming together in person, but it is surprisingly good in its own way. We realise it is not for everyone, but many who have taken part in the online courses have found it healing, transformative, supportive and instructive. We are very happy to announce several new online courses for the next few months. Some are open to all, some are for those with experience of shamanic work:

INTO THE JOURNEY – 5 sessions, held every other week, for those who have some shamanic training but would like to go further. It begins 6 Oct and focuses on the shamanic drum journey: how to better understand the language of the Spirits, how to find and formulate clear intentions, and how to receive the deeper teachings. This is a good course as a next step after introductory work.

HELP FOR HELPERS – an advanced mentoring course open to those who either work with shamanic clients, or have a personal shamanic practice and help people in other ways. Beginning 10 Oct and meeting monthly over 5 months, it also offers personal work at home and meetings in small peer groups.

OPEN TO POWER – an intensive 4 week course, meeting once a week, beginning 5 Nov. This introduction course opens the door to the Spirit world and all are welcome, no previous training needed. Please be aware it will not cover shamanic journeying. An excellent first step into a shamanic-animistic way of being with practical advice and exercises to do at home. 

STORIES OF NATURE – 6 sessions, held every other week, for those who would like to explore how stories can help us listen to Nature and learn to share its voice. It begins 15 Nov and is open to all, no previous training needed.

FREE TALK: Jonathan & Zara will continue to offer free online talks about shamanic practice and a shamanic way of life. The next one will be about Asking for Help on 29 Sept. It is open to all but you need to register. The recorded talks are usually posted soon after the live event on their You Tube channel “Shaman Circle Center

We hope you will enjoy these golden days as the Equinox approaches
Annette, Zara, Jonathan


Be right here. Just be right here.
Here – where you are
Stand like the Sun, stand still at the Solstice,
Stand still in your life and see where you are.
Don’t run away. Take time 
to discover where you are
instead of looking back to where you were 
or looking forward to where you might go.
Stand still – right here, right now – 
deepening into this moment, and listen: 

Listen to what your hands are telling you
Listen to what your feet are telling you 
Listen to what your heart is telling you
Listen to what your eyes are telling you
Listen to what the Earth is calling
Listen to what the Spirits are singing
And give yourself space to stand
Space to be still, space to listen

Listen to the Wind, listen to the Water, listen to the Soil
And listen to the Fire in the life-giving Sun
Still in the Sky, right there where it is
Standing together, listen to the Sun – 
what is it saying to you now
in these days of Solstice Power?

Jonathan & Zara


This Solstice Jonathan and Zara will be holding ceremonies all over the world with their “Healing Earth” participants to give thanks to the Earth at this special time. We invite you to join us, and help empower the Earth through our shared communal gratitude. Read more here: Solstice Thanksgiving Ceremony

You can also listen to Zara and Jonathan's video-talk on “Giving Thanks to the Earth” for more inspiration.

Jonathan and Zara continue the Summer with two new online courses:

Open to Power – a 3 week course starting 16 July, that opens the door to the Spirit world. All are welcome, no previous training needed. This is held instead of the cancelled “Shaman’s Journey” introduction course. It will not cover shamanic journeying but will introduce many other basic shamanic practices such as working with Power using the Rattle, Song, and Nature ways. It is an excellent first step into a shamanic-animistic way of being and will give practical advice and exercises to carry on doing at home. 

Sacred Ceremony – a new 3 week course starting 2 August. Open to all, no previous training needed. Exploring the role of ceremony in our lives and how we can bring it in to our everyday in simple powerful sacred ways.  

There are still spaces on Earth Our Home starting 25 June. This online course brings together animism with holistic science and is open to everyone. Taught together with Dr Stephan Harding, Deep Ecology Research Fellow at Schumacher College in the UK.

Jonathan & Zara’s next free online talk will be about Sacred Space on 12 July. It is open to all but you need to register. The talks are usually posted soon after the live event on their YouTube channel “Shaman Circle Center”.

We are hoping it will be possible to run physical courses later in the year. If so, they will be: Nature Constellations, the Power of Ritual and Circle of Life in September, Iceland Seidr and Peace & Power in October. Jonathan & Zara are also planning some longer online courses starting in the Autumn and stretching over the Winter months. More info and course confirmation will be posted on our website later in the Summer.

Wishing you all deep healing times 


Dear Friends

As we move into the next phase of this special time, it can be helpful to consider – after all you have experienced these weeks, where are you now? What has changed? What do you want to leave behind? What do you want to bring with you? What is your deepest wish for what we are about to step into as we cross the coming thresholds?

As many countries begin to open up, it can be tempting to “go back to normality”, even in small ways in our daily lives. When we are tired or worn down, it would be so much easier to fall back into the familiar that we know so well, instead of staying on the cusp of uncertainty. This can be a hard place to be as we have to work at keeping our balance and connection. But this is where we are.

There is so much potential and possibility being offered, as we move through this crisis. It can make such a difference if we stay present and keep hold of our clearest and most heartfelt intention. If we keep the space open to the change that is being birthed. If we take time to find out more about what the Spirits are asking of us; What the Earth is saying; What our part is as we step forward?

Perseverance is a quality that can help as we go through challenging changes. The Spirit of Perseverance can provide strength and stamina. It can help us remember why we do what we do and what we want to commit to. Perseverance helps us to keep our focus – as we chew our way through news cycles and statistics - focus on what we believe is possible.

This is a time for strong intention and clear vision. This is a time to keep going. To work in partnership with the Earth for continued healing for the whole. To continue asking for guidance from our Spirits so we can build the future together. This is a time to learn what we need to take with us into the rest of our lives.

Shamanic work often inspires us to find new visions and helps us to see beyond the surface. It can create magic and open up unexpected solutions. As you meet the coming time, please remember who you are and what your heart longs for. Please remember that your Spirits are right here beside you. Please remember that you can always ask for help.

Together with the Springtime energy, what we do now can grow new life and feed a vibrant future vision. Let’s continue to encourage and nourish each other in whatever ways we can.

- Jonathan, Zara, Annette -

This is the first time we hold online courses open to all and we are very happy to step into this way of meeting. Although different from physical circles, we have found it can be very powerful. Jonathan and Zara begin by offering two new courses online in June and more will be announced later in the year.

Healing Earth – a 4 week course, for those who already have shamanic training. It focuses on the healing relationship between humans and Earth, and how when we heal one, we also heal the other.

Earth our Home – a 3 week course open to everyone, no previous training needed. Taught together with ecologist Stephan Harding, it explores different ways to develop connections to nature so we can feel more rooted and thankful for all that this beautiful planet brings us.

There are also more free online talks, open to all but you need to register. Click on the event for more information:

Shamanic Healing – interactive talk, 31 May
Living Gratitude – interactive talk and ceremony, 9 June

Jonathan & Zara have now set up a You Tube channel called “Shaman Circle Center” and all their talks, long or short, will be posted here so please subscribe if you want to watch more of their videos. At the moment you can listen to talks on Life & Death, Peace & Power and an Introduction to Shamanism, with many more coming soon.

Online Circles, Ceremonies and Talks will be announced through the year on the “Other Activities” page of the website and on our Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies facebook page under “Events” so please check back regularly.

Jonathan & Zara keep building their facebook page for Åsbacka, their retreat center in southern Sweden

Annette is still deep into her writing retreat, working on a book that will hopefully be published next summer.

Zara has written a recent blog for Lodyn, a Swedish organization which works to deepen and heal the relationship between humans and nature. It talks about ways we can listen to the voice of the Earth and find new solutions from nature’s own perspective. It is now available as an article in Swedish on our Danish Library page. We hope to translate it to English in the future

We have been able to reschedule some of our cancelled courses so now the website holds all our autumn offerings, old and new: Nature Constellations, Power of Ritual and Circle of Life in September, Iceland Seidr and Peace & Power in October. It remains to be seen if we will be able to run them all, but for now we feel it is good to offer the possibility.

We look forward to sitting together in Circle with you, whether in a physical space or online. And if you feel in need of help, remember the Circle is always here to hold and support you.



Dear friends. Thank you so much to all who responded to our Special Newsletter a couple of weeks ago. It was very touching to receive your messages and know you are out there working with the Spirits. If you want to read that newsletter at any time, or if you want to share it with anyone, we have made it into an article on our Library page, titled “Shamanism in Times of Crisis” so it is easier to find.

As things keep evolving, we want to let you know of our Spring plans. Because physical courses are on hold, Jonathan and Zara offer online opportunities while Annette keeps writing. Jonathan and Zara have been working this way with small groups for a number of years and feel it works well when held together with the Spirits, keeping a clear intention and commitment to circle guidelines.

These free online events are open to all, though you will need to register. Click on the event links for more information:
Shamanism, Peace & Power – interactive talk and ceremony, 26 April
Introduction to Shamanism – interactive talk and Q&A, 10 May
Power of the Circle – interactive talk and ceremony, 17 May

Jonathan & Zara have also posted two recent talks on our Library:
The Power of Love – working with Love from a shamanic perspective
Shamanism, Death, Life & Rebirth – connecting with the energy of Springtime

We hope to continue online Circles, Ceremonies and Talks through the year. Most will be announced on the “Other Activities” page of the website and on our Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies facebook page under “Events” so please check back regularly.

Jonathan & Zara also have an active facebook page for Åsbacka, their retreat center in southern Sweden so please visit us online and get more inspiration and helpful suggestions for this time.

As more of us begin to explore connecting online, it is important to consider what it means in terms of confidentiality, trust and sacred space. Online work can be a great asset in sharing healing and wisdom but it can also leak power and drain the magic.

We have therefore put together a short guide to doing sacred work online, with recommendations and guidelines based on our personal experiences. You can read the full guide here.

We hope you find it useful to contemplate these issues together with your Spirits to make sure that your online actions have clear intent and boundaries.

The International Shamanic Community (ISC) was formed in 2008 and is still active as an online circle, offering support and inspiration to shamanic practitioners. There are online meetings, long distance healing, nature ceremonies and special community activities. If you want to join the ISC, please email Zara and she will send a membership form. Please be aware that at this time the ISC is open only to those who have trained with the SCSS, you can read more about the membership guidelines here:

You may remember that in the Autumn we asked for help for Tokalynga, a special course venue in Sweden where Jonathan has been teaching for nearly 30 years. They urgently needed a new sewage system to avoid being closed down. Through an amazing crowdfunding campaign, over 17 000 Euro was raised! A few weeks ago the work was completed and now there is a new system that will support both Tokalynga and the nearby River Ätran. Thank you to all who donated, both money and messages! It is a testament to the power of community and what we can do when we come together in love and generosity! You can read the full update here: or click to watch a short film by Robert & Åsa to celebrate the Miracle at Tokalynga and the dancing diggers.

Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, we send you Springtime Blessings. Even if you are not able to go out in Nature at the moment, know that the energy of new life is rising all around. Whether you are inside or outside, you can ask the Power of Spring for help and inspiration.

In these challenging times, it is encouraging to see the huge amounts of creativity, caring and sharing that are springing up all over the world. People are finding new ways to reach out, connect, receive and give. Treasuring what really matters most, we discover ways to share the beautiful medicine of Love. As always, we want to thank you for being here, being part of shamanic community and part of the Circle of Life.

Jonathan, Zara, Annette


Dear friends. Here we are.

A few weeks into these deep changing times. Where are you now? Where do you find yourself? What is this time bringing you?

One of the original meanings of the Greek word “krisis” is a "turning point in a disease, that change which indicates recovery or death". In the 15th century it came to mean a "vitally important or decisive state of things, point at which change must come, for better or worse”. Crisis is the time when there is no choice but change. It is a moment of deep healing possibility.

How do we respond to this turning point? In our own lives - and for Life on Earth?

One of the things we have learned is that in shamanic practice, as in Life, it is more empowering, enlivening and sustaining to work with and for rather than fight against. When we work “for” we flow with power and the power has space to grow. When we fight “against”, power is blocked and locked in battle; it becomes engaged with destruction rather than with creation.

Whatever words are used in the media and by politicians, please know that what we are experiencing is not a war. This is a crisis and an opportunity for healing. Work for the healing, not against the virus. Listen deeply to the situation and learn what it is that you need to learn. We do not need to fight. We need to love.

If we look at this world health situation as we would any disease or imbalance, from the shamanic perspective we distinguish between “cure” and “healing”. A cure is a removal of surface symptoms that can allow the patient to go back to life as it was. With healing, a cure will hopefully happen, but this is not the only concern. Instead we ask to find the root cause and understand the changes that need to be made so balance will be restored and the patient will not get ill again. In this way of understanding, each dis-ease can be a teacher that shows us a new way of being. In shamanic healing, we cannot go back to what was, because that contributed to making us unwell. All healing requires change.

In this time, do not look to only remove symptoms. Don’t just ask for the virus, or the fear, to go away and hope life will return to what has been. We greatly wish compassion, kindness, healing and help to all those who are infected, affected and ill. And while we face heartache, suffering, and uncertainty, we can also remember that this is a major opportunity to step into change. In the midst of a crisis we need to ask for help to move forward, not back. We need to ask how can we work with the deeper healing processes that will bring us through this time into a larger purpose?

Many of us have been experiencing degrees of anxiety, grief and maybe even panic. Fear arrives as an alarm bell. Its duty is to wake us up, insisting: something needs to be done! But we are not meant to stay in fear, that is when it becomes debilitating. Let fear wake you up, then ask for help - hear it, face it, and then step through it. Don’t run away from what is difficult or challenging, don’t hide or protect yourself too much. Instead ask for the Power you need. As Jonathan’s Spirit Teacher once said: “Life is Change, Shamanism is Change with Power". Ask for help. Connect to Power and trust the Spirits. Call on the Power of Love to hold you when you feel too exhausted to keep going. Love is more powerful than we can ever imagine, and it is here, for us, every day as a naturally flowing, never-ending universal force.

Work together with the mighty ancient beings we call the Elements. They are inside you as well as outside you; they are the building blocks of Life. Ask the Water and the Air for help. And ask how you can help the Water and the Air at this time. We all need cleansing. Ask the Fire for help, the Fire in your heart and the Fire at the heart of the Earth. Ask the soil for help, the deep dark rich soil that supports us and needs to come back into full health, to be revived.

Remember, restore and reconnect. If you are able to go outdoors, do a Medicine Walk in Nature. Give your time and attention to the world around you, to the elemental Nature beings and to this special time. For many of us this is new territory - to be alone, isolated or in quarantine, maybe separated from friends and family. It might feel like a frightening experience of loneliness. But if you can go out in Nature, a new possibility might open up: When I walk with the world-view that everything is alive, I remember that I am not alone, because I am always in the company of my extended family of trees, wind, birds, and rocks. Normally, we walk in nature with a human friend, talking. But when my attention is no longer focused on a human companion, I can open to a deep, conscious dialogue with what is around me, and come into closer contact with my more-than-human relatives. 

For some of us these times might seem like limbo, as if we are on “pause”. But Life is here, right now. Don’t wait for life to “start again” or “get back to normal”. Be with what is right now, whatever that may be. Meet it as a threshold, as the liminal phase in a rite of passage. Stillness and silence are a deep part of any spiritual practice. They are not “nothing,” they are something - and they are important. Rest now if you are able to rest. If you are still working, maybe even more than usual, you can tune into how society as a whole is being forced to slow and stop. Try to respect this as a very special time. Whether your days are calm or busy, now is a time to connect with stillness as a power. As Humans retreat inside, the Earth is finding space to breathe again.

If you are indoors, sink into your beautiful body and remember it is also Nature. Sink into your heart and into your breath, thanking them for keeping you alive. Breathing is one of our most important ceremonies. Breathe with Life, into the moment. Light a candle, sing a song, drum, rattle, do a ceremony, sit in silence or re-read old journeys to help you to gather the wisdom, strength and clarity you need now. Allow this special time to teach you – about rest, about fear and love, about community and connection, about cleansing and rejuvenation, about Life. Don’t go back to sleep. Be here now. Listen. Listen deeply to all that is around you and in you, listen to the Birds and the Wind and the Song and the Waters. Listen to the Earth and listen to the Spirits. It is all here now. Remember: You are Alive!

Here are some possible missions that can help you during these times:

  1. If you are struggling with fear and anxiety: go to your Spirit Helpers or Healing Teacher and
    ask for help to restore and reconnect to power
    or “ask for help to trust and stay connected to the bigger picture”.
  2. Go to your Spirit Teacher and ask:
    what is important for me to focus on in the next two months”?
    or “what is important for me to remember as I move with change”?
  3. Go to your Spirit Teacher and ask to see your current situation through their eyes
  4. When you feel ready, you can ask your Spirits:
    how if at all can I help to work with the healing potential of this time?” or “what do you need from me now?

Because of the world health situation, our courses are on hold right now. This means that most of our Spring courses will be cancelled and hopefully re-scheduled. More information will be posted on the website as things evolve, so check back in the coming weeks. If you have signed up for a course, you will be contacted and have the opportunity to have your payment refunded or use it for a later course.

Even though we cannot meet in physical reality, we are still connected. We are still in Circle. One of the main aspects of working with the Spirits is that we realize that Life is so much more than what we see with our “ordinary” eyes. The Spirits exist in a much wider realm than physical reality, and it has just as much impact, if not more. As we find our way in these new changed lives, as things fall away, it is an opportunity to become more attuned and aware of the Spirit way. We can give our attention to what is happening beneath the surface. We can join in with webs of connection all over the world. We can go further in our understanding of how to work with the invisible weaving of shamanic practice. As we face seeming limitations, we discover new possibilities and remember old ways.

Jonathan and Zara will be offering a number of online Circles and Ceremonies through the Spring, to help inspire and support you. For now, these will be announced on the “Other Activities” page of the website and also on our SCSS facebook page. The first of these events is now available in the Library – an audio recording of a talk on Love from a shamanic perspective. It touches on working with love in a time of fear, the importance of love as an essence and universal power, and its role in our shamanic practice. You can listen to it on our Library page here:

Annette continues to be in working retreat writing her books, bringing ancient wisdom for modern times.

Please remember that wherever we are, we can sit in Circle. If you have been with us on a workshop, you know we say that once a Circle is created, it is always there. If you need to - sit down at home, quietly with a candle or rattle, or simply your breath, and think back to that time of being together in Circle. Feel yourself there and feel the connection. Feel how the Circle holds us all. You can also do a Medicine Walk or Drum Journey with the mission: “to ask for help to feel the Power of the Circle with me wherever I am”.

There is much we can do when we work together, when we connect and feel the power of community, when we remember to look beyond. Ask for help. Ask for guidance. Ask for inspiration and clear vision.

We wish you powerful healing times and new life blessings. As Spring bursts forth here on the Northern Hemisphere, may we listen deeply and turn towards the natural flow and restoration of Life on Earth

Zara, Jonathan, Annette

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Ceremony – A Way of Life

In shamanic practice, ceremony is used in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes we hold big healing ceremonies or ceremonies to honour a special place or time of year.  They are also used for big life events that mark important communal thresholds – births, coming of age, separations, marriages, deaths. But they can also be with us in small, intimate, regular rituals. We can make a ceremony out of everyday actions such as making food, drinking a glass of water, opening a door, lighting a candle, writing a letter, and even, breathing in and breathing out. If we engage with them as ritual, they help to infuse life with Spirit power and bring more vitality and aliveness to our being.

As in all shamanic work, when we come with intention, attention and connection, the world opens, and the Spirits come closer. Any simple act can become sacred when we remember why we are doing it – our intention creates a deeper meaning beyond the physical surface. As we remember the real purpose behind our action, it takes us to the heart of it and opens a door to magic. When we step into sacred space, we step beyond time and place. We remember the bigger perspective. Our senses become attuned and we become more aware of how things are connected. We expand beyond our individual selves and allow the power of intention to spread beyond our human limitations. 

Even going to the hospital for an operation can be a ceremony. By acknowledging that it has potential to be a sacred event, we approach the hospital as a Temple of Healing. Perhaps this does not change the people who are going to perform the surgery, and doesn’t make the hospital look different on the outside. But our relationship to what is happening changes. Even though physical actions seem to remain the same, our intention influences the way we respond and how it affects us. Sitting in the waiting room, remembering that this too is ceremony, unveils the waiting room as sacred space and brings us into a sacred way of being.

Ceremony is always possible, wherever we are, and helps us to embrace the beauty and wonder of life. We do not need special tools or a specific site, although these can be wonderfully helpful and essential in certain situations. The ceremony is in the moment and in the intention. As we hold that moment with awareness of the Spirits, opening our hearts to it, we come into closer connection with Life. We remember that we are alive, really alive.

Ceremony is all around us. Life is Ceremony. There is no separation.

Zara & Jonathan

For those of you who can read Danish, see also Annette’s thoughts on ceremony


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Jonathan and Zara begin their teaching year with a SHAMANIC PRACTICE DAY at Åsbacka, on 28 March, on the theme of Love. They are happy to also offer two introduction courses THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY, 7-10 May and 15-19 July. These extended residentials are very special as they cover not only drum journeying but also nature work, dance, song and healing. It gives you the opportunity to come away from normal life and immerse yourself in a Spirit experience. Even if you have had shamanic training before, it can be very helpful to go back to basics and deepen your roots. The Spirits always teach us from where we are and we can always learn more.

During the spring there will also be a brand new course at Tokalynga, Halland, called CIRCLE OF LIFE, 13-17 May. It is particularly helpful for those who run courses and hold groups, but also for people who have just begun walking the shamanic path, as it will give many tools for everyday Life.

At their home Åsbacka in Southern Sweden, Zara and Jonathan teach PEACE & POWER, 22-26 April, a course that was given to Jonathan by his Spirits to help deepen our experience of these vital aspects of shamanic practice. It explores the possibility of working with Peace in a powerful way and working with Power in a peaceful way.

Annette is teaching THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY, 6-8 March in Copenhagen as well as THE POWER OF RITUAL, 2-6 Sept in the forest on Sjælland. She is holding the ICELAND SEIDR in late April, but this course is fully booked with a long waiting list and applications are closed. She has also added a new weekend workshop in the autumn on singing in shamanism: SPIRIT VOICE, 2-4 Oct.



In early January Jonathan was interviewed by Mitchell Clute from Sounds True in the USA for the facebook group “The Shamanic Path”. He talked about peace, power and walking your path in everyday life. You can watch it here for free, though you have to join the group first. There are also many other videos by shamanic teachers from a wide variety of approaches, which you can access by clicking on the group’s “Announcements”.

Zara and Jonathan have for some time been exploring the work of systemic Nature Constellation from a Spirit perspective. They are now offering a workshop in Shamanism, Ceremony and Nature Constellation, together with their friend Caroline Wingolf of It takes place at Åsbacka, 19-22 March



Many of our friends and colleagues are offering shamanic training opportunities all over Europe, both introduction courses and more advanced options. Most are in English.

Liam Glenane is holding “Continuing Connection”, 29 Feb - 1 March, Galway, and “The Shaman’s Journey”, 1-3 May, Devon. He is also co-teaching “Introducing Shamanism & Connecting with Animals”, 18-19 April, Sligo, and “Shaman’s Way & Firewalking” on 22-24 May 1st, La Rioja, Spain. For more information, contact Liam on

Christiana Harle is offering a number of courses in Finland this year, including a basic and work in nature. There are still places on “The Way of Moon” – a workshop retreat for women, 11-15 March  and the week-long drum-making intensive “Shamanic Drum Birthing, 7-12 July

Annika Zilliakus will be holding a shamanic introduction weekend 17-19 April in Halland (in Swedish), and another introduction in Belgium 27-29 March (in English). She is also holding several Vision Quests in Sweden and Finland. For more information and dates, see or email Annika:

Joanna Shipley is teaching “Introduction to Shamanism” in Gloucestershire 2-3 May and in Oxfordshire in June. She is offering one day courses on 14 Feb and 21 March, and a non-residential “Shamanic Healing” course 29 Feb-1 March + 4-5 April, Swindon. For more information, see or contact Joanna

Shenoah Taylor and Lisa Sture will run two courses in Shrewsbury: an introductory “Shaman’s Journey” course 24-25 Oct and “Deepening Connection” 7-8 Nov

Shenoah will also be teaching a course in ”Seidr”, 4-7 June, Scotland

Jane Shutt & Christine Mark offer a number of courses at their retreat center in Wales: “Introduction to the Spirits of Nature”, 16-20 April; and “Working with our Ancestors in the Landscape”, 3-8 June, including both land work and Seidr. They also offer “Being the Change (you want to see)”, 7-11 Sept, blending Shamanism and Activism in your life. For more information or email



The crowdfunding campaign for our beloved course venue Tokalynga has been hugely successful and encouraging. It is now close to the full amount needed for the extensive renovation work of the plumbing. Thank you to all who have sent gifts both in the form of money and loving words. The team at Tokalynga have been overwhelmed with the support, it means so much in helping them carry on and ensure this beautiful place continues to exist.

The campaign is still open for a little longer if anyone still wants to give – it is easy and quick via this link:


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