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  AUTUMN 2019  

When teaching, we often hear ourselves say: “The Circle is my Home.” We have come to feel the truth of this more and more. The feeling of sitting together, around a center, sharing intention, touches the heart and soul. In the Circle we see people begin to heal and become more themselves. We see them open to the Spirits and to new possibilities. In a Circle, we don’t all have to be the same. We don’t have to be anyone else but ourselves. We learn from each other’s experiences and become more because we share. This is a beautiful way of being.

We know it is possible to take this way into the world. It is possible to sit in circle even when we are not physically doing so, and even with people who may never have sat in circle or who have no wish to do so. We can still respond to them as if we are sitting in circle. We do this by remembering that we are here together and working as a whole. Sometimes that is all it takes to shift a stuck situation at work, or in your home life. It can change the energy and change our attitude. Just holding space for a Circle to be possible can bring change. This is something we can all do, wherever we are. 

Much of consumerist society is built on competition and hierarchy, on the illusion that we can reach “the top”. Instead of competing, we can choose a life that is more circular in nature. Every day we have a choice of whether we want to “win" at the expense of someone else losing, or whether we want to commit to a deep trust in the Circle as a way of life. Wherever we go - at work, in nature, at home, while travelling - we can choose to meet people with the feeling of the Circle in our hearts. 

Living shamanically, we know the Circle does not only include humans but extends much further to animals, plants, elements, and Spirits. When we remember that the Earth is one huge Circle, we can all feel our place. We all belong. The Earth is our Home. 

Jonathan & Zara


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We are very happy to announce our Spring and Summer courses for the coming season. We hope you find something to inspire and support you. Information about Autumn courses will come later.

In the new year, Jonathan and Zara will offer two extended introduction courses THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY, 7-10 May and 15-19 July, as well as two long courses at Tokalynga, Halland: a new course called CIRCLE OF LIFE, 13-17 May and the classic SHAMANISM, DEATH & LIFE, 22-28 July. Circle of Life is particularly helpful for those of you who run courses and hold groups, but also for those who have just begun walking the shamanic path, as it will give a lot of tools for everyday Life.

At their home Åsbacka in Southern Sweden, Zara and Jonathan will teach PEACE & POWER, 22-26 April, and HEALING EARTH, 23-28 June. The Peace & Power course was given to Jonathan from his Spirits and is a deep dive into the essence of the shaman’s work: Power and how to engage with it, and how a peaceful strong attitude can help. Healing Earth is a long retreat focusing on different ways of working together with the Earth for healing. It is for those of you who feel dedicated to being in partnership with Nature to find out how we can play our part in these challenging times.  

Before the Midwinter turning, they are also holding one last SHAMANIC PRACTICE DAY on 1 Dec, on the theme of Song. It is fully booked, but you are welcome to add your name to the waiting list.

Annette will be teaching THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY, 6-8 March in Copenhagen as well as THE POWER OF RITUAL, 2-6 Sept in the forest on Sjælland. She is holding the ICELAND SEIDR in late April, but this course is fully booked with a long waiting list and applications are closed for the time being. If we open for applications again, it will be announced on the website course page and on Annette’s Facebook page.



We are asking for help for one of our very special course venues. Jonathan has been teaching at Tokalynga in Halland, Sweden, every summer for almost 30 years and it is a place with huge heart that has given so much to so many. Now they need our support – in order for the house to continue to host courses, a whole new plumbing system has to be installed. If this is not done by Spring 2020, they may be closed down. It is very expensive so we have with some friends started a crowdfunding campaign to make sure that Tokalynga can continue to thrive for many more years to come. Please consider giving a donation and contribute to the healing and regeneration of this special place. No amount is too small! You can read more about the situation and donate money here:



In the UK, Joanna Shipley is teaching an Introduction to Shamanism in Farringdon, Oxford, 26 Jan & 2 Feb. She is also offering one day courses for experienced practitioners and several other workshops. For information and to book: or contact Joanna

In Sweden, Annika Zilliakus will be holding an introduction weekend in Swedish in late March in Halland. For information, email Annika: or call +46(0)70 5709013.


We wish you all a peaceful magical and expansive Winter and look forward to meeting you on the Path next year


*** For full information on all our courses and how to book, see website coursepage ***




The Summer Solstice is a powerful time; the days when the Sun is highest in the sky and shining down on Earth. What will we do with this power? With all the possibility of this moment? The Solstice is traditionally a time of standing steady before a new phase begins. If we work with the Power of the Solstice, we can also ask for help to turn towards new times, with strength and clarity.

For a long time now, these words keep making themselves heard: "We're all in this together". As time goes on, we realize more and more deeply what it means and that there are many who do not hold this understanding. Many of us still live in a culture that seems to operate on the attitude "I'm in it for myself" and as long as we believe that, the world is not going to heal.

We - "humanity" - are still polluting three of the world's four elements, Air, Water, and Earth, faster than they can be cleaned. This is happening through over-consumption, over-production, and over-extraction of the world's resources. In the early 1970's it was said that 95% of everything that had ever been produced by human beings had been produced since the second world war. Imagine that figure today. How much of that over-production is floating around in the sea, clogging up the air, or spreading in landfill? How much of it is cluttering our everyday, giving no value or meaning to life?

What does this have to do with shamanism? Everything. We are all in this together. You, me, The Spirits. All the unwanted pollution. All the young yet to be born.

Many of us originally became shamanic practitioners because we wanted to feel more power in our own lives - without realizing that our "own" lives are always intimately connected with the rest of creation. Now we know that there is no separation, and so our spiritual work has to expand and extend to include our connection with the rest of the Earth. When we return from a journey asking for advice, or when we complete a beautiful healing or thanksgiving ceremony, or when we come back from a powerful retreat, that is not the end - it is the beginning. It is the next step starting to happen. Shamanism is bringing the power of the Spirit world to the material world for a purpose. So how will we bring Spirit-power to our Earth-home today? How will we use it? That is the question.

Think of the butterfly. It does its tasks, tending the Earth in the way it knows, being who it is, living its responsibility in a natural and simple way. What comes naturally to you? What actions and choices feel real and possible, when you peel off the layers of want and turn towards what we really need? How do you want to celebrate Life and ask for Power this Solstice, so we can live this new way and continue to create solutions? Perhaps the Spirits will give you some guidance

Jonathan & Zara



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The fullness of Midsummer is here with all its power and blessings, and it is a great season for spending time with the Spirits. We are offering STORIES OF NATURE, SHAMANIC HEALING & SOUL RETRIEVAL and SHAMANIC COUNSELLING 1, and all are fully booked.

As so many people are interested in learning more about this way, Jonathan and Zara have decided to add several new courses for the autumn. First is a SHAMANIC PRACTICE DAY on 14 Sept at Åsbacka, on the theme of Beauty. It will be a day to explore this deep and powerful essence and its role in our lives.

Then another introduction course THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY, 3-6 Oct at Tokalynga, Halland, to offer people the opportunity to step into the world of the Spirits and discover how to nourish the soul and live more in balance.

For those of you interested in working with Nature, Zara and Jonathan are for the first time holding their special VOICE OF THE EARTHworkshop in Sweden, also at Tokalynga, 9-13 Oct. Taught in English, it will introduce many different nature-based practices, and is open to all, no previous experience is needed. It is aimed at both beginner and advanced, anyone who wants to strengthen their communication and listening skills with trees, rocks, wind, water and the whole living world. It is particularly aimed at people who may not want to work shamanically, but still learn how to relate to Nature in a more soulful and alive way.

In Denmark, Annette is teaching THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY, 15-17 Nov in the Århus area as well as SHAMANISM, DEATH & LIFE, 19-22 Sept. Working with the shaman's traditional tasks around death, we will learn how to help each other finish unfinished business, release into letting go, and how to move through Life's many great and small endings, free and relieved.



Our Russian colleagues Maryana Kolesnik and Elena Pigaleva are inviting people to the Barguzin Valley and east bank of Lake Baikal, Siberia. Focusing on the theme of “Four Winds of Four Directions”, it offers an opportunity to experience shamanic work in many sacred places and hiking in Nature. It takes place 3-14 Sept starting from Ulan-Ude airport. For more information, contact Maryana: or Elena:

In France, Eline Kieft offers an Equinox mini vision quest workshop “Time with the Ancients”, 20-22 September, Brittany:
In the UK, Joanna Shipley is offering three courses: Introduction to Shamanism in Faringdon, Oxford: 23 & 30 June and 17 & 24 Nov, as well as an Intermediate Shamanic course in Swindon, Wiltshire, 14-15 Sept. For information and to book:

In Wales, Jane Shutt and Christine Marks are offering a range of courses, including an introduction to shamanism, 10-11 Sept. Please contact Christine for more info:

In Exeter, Devon, Shenoah Taylor and Lisa Sture will teach an introduction course, 19-20 Oct:

Shenoah also runs a monthly journey circle together with David Scott in Vauxhall, London:

In Ireland, Liam Glenane and Katie Rutledge teach an introduction weekend, 21-22 Sept. On 14-17 Nov they go to La Rioja in Spain to teach an extended introduction to shamanism, the elements and a firewalk. For information, email Liam:

In Sweden, Annika Zilliakus is holding an introduction weekend in Swedish, 22-24 Nov in Halland. For information, email Annika: or call +46(0)70 5709013.


*** For full information on all our courses and how to book, see website coursepage ***


  SPRING 2019  

When I lived in the city, I was always amazed in the Springtime to see green shoots pushing up and cracking the sidewalk. I marveled and felt a joy. It was such an encouraging sign. What had been a seed in October had found a place to grow – not only survive, but thrive and overcome huge obstacles! There I was in the city, feeling dominated by skyscrapers and politicians who had no thought of the people just trying to get by, while the tiny seed was shouting to me, “Yes! Spring out!” It wasn’t just an allegory. It was the World, the Earth, calling me, reaching out and giving me a hand, helping me on my way when all seemed impossible.

When I teach courses, I see my work as re-introducing people to their home, The Earth. I try to help people find their true power, the power that they are born with, the power of the Universe that connects us all. It is my experience that there is always something, perhaps only one thing, that a person experiences on a shamanic course, maybe a message from her Spirit teacher that will change her perception of life; a moment that will open his heart in a new way. And this experience will affect the lives of the people around her, or someone he talks to waiting for a bus, and that spark will go on, spreading out and touching others. The sacred breath that sings the blackbird’s beautiful song is the same sacred breath you use when you call a loved one is the same sacred breath I use as I greet the Morning Sun.

If you look far into the future, you may see a tall beautiful tree. At some point, someone decided to plant it, knowing they would not see it come to fruition in their lifetime, yet deciding it was worth it, as a gift to future generations. What can we begin today that may have a great effect in years to come? That may help someone in a way that you wish you had been helped? What would you like to do this Springtime to give your gift further?

The seed in the sidewalk, the seeds our spirit-guided actions plant – we will never know all the deep differences our lives make in the world, nor do we have to. We only have to nurture the seeds of our souls and make sure they grow.



** click on course titles for more info **

Springtime is a time of new energy, and there are many workshops to inspire and help you receive the power of this wonderful season. Jonathan and Zara have added two new courses at Åsbacka – a SHAMANIC PRACTICE DAY on 4 May on the theme of THE CIRCLE, and a new weekend course called LIVING GIFTS, 17-19 May, exploring how we can live our gifts in a fuller and more vibrant way. The more we receive our gifts, the more we can share and give them further.   

There are still a few places left for the two courses in Ireland - INTO THE JOURNEY, 29-31 March and BEING HOME, 4-7 April. Into the Journey is an excellent next step after the introduction course and Being Home is a new workshop to help you feel more rooted on the Earth and encourage a healing process of homecoming and belonging.

Jonathan and Zara return to Åsbacka to hold a special mentoring retreat for shamanic practitioners: HELP FOR HELPERS, 23-28 April. It offers you space to reflect with the Spirits on your path, what nourishment you need and how working with problems can turn them into teaching opportunities. There will be time to share practice with peers and experience the power of being in a dedicated shamanic community.

In Denmark, Annette is teaching the introductory course THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY, 29-31 March and SEIDR, 29 May-2 June. In Wales, her new course LEGACY OF THE WISE ONES, will have its English language premiere 1-5 May.

A very exciting announcement looking into the future is that in late Spring 2020, Annette will do SEIDR IN ICELAND. It will be a unique opportunity for an international group to learn Seidr in the very landscape of Edda poems and sagas. An early booking is recommended.



Our Russian friends and colleagues Maryana Kolesnik and Elena Pigaleva are inviting you to make a shamanic autumn journey to the Barguzin Valley and east bank of Baikal Lake. Focusing on the theme of “Four Winds of Four Directions”, it offers an opportunity to experience shamanic work in many sacred places and hiking in Nature – visiting mountains and lakes, healing thermal springs and Buddhist temples, taking part in rituals of greeting and gratitude. It takes place 3-14 Sept starting from Ulan-Ude airport. For more information and help with travel, contact Maryana: or Elena:

In the UK, Shenoah Taylor and Lisa Sture hold an introduction course in Shrewsbury, 30-31 March:

In Sweden, Annika Zilliakus offers an introduction weekend 5-7 April in Åsa, Halland. For information, email Annika: or call +46(0)70 5709013.

In Wales, Eline Kieft is holding a Spring Source Waterfall retreat, 16-20 May, combining shamanic work with movement medicine to help you reconnect to the Source and your original nature. For more info:

Also in Wales, Jane Shutt & Christine Mark of Cader Idris Center are co-teaching a Seidr workshop with Julia Crabtree: Introduction to the Magic and Power of Seidr, 10 – 14 June. They have learned Seidr from Annette and work with small groups in a stunning landscape. 

Jane and Christine are also co-teaching in Italy with Bebetta Campeti at her center near Pienza, Tuscany. It is a residential course in working with the Spirits of the Land, 24-28 May. For information: or contact Christine




Jonathan Horwitz can be reached on email or daytime tel (+46) 431 441 220
Annette Høst prefers daytime telephone (+45) 32 54 28 08. Email

Zara Waldebäck prefers email

*** For full information on courses and how to book, see website coursepage ***