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In some parts of the world the new year comes in Springtime, others mark it in the Autumn. Here in Scandinavia the New Year arrives in Mid-Winter. No matter how it’s done, the idea is the same: ending what has been, pausing to gather together what we have learned, moving on and starting anew. It is a wonderful idea, but why wait and only do it once a year? Why not once a month, once a week, or once a day?

In October I went to the Deer Park Buddhist Monastery in southern California. In the front of the beautiful meditation hall there was no bright shining statue of the Buddha on the altar, only some fruit and the words, written large enough for me to read from the entrance: “this is it”

This is it – life. This very moment! Why wait? None of us knows how long we have here. Yet every hour is filled with a thousand moments wanting to show us something worth seeing. Together with the Spirits and a strong intention, taking one step at a time, we can start right now to live fully, appreciating all the gifts we constantly receive.

And in this moment we thank you for your part in this year we have shared and send you all wishes for wonder-filled and powerful times ahead. May we walk in good health, feeling our love for the Earth and the Earth’s love for us



- COURSES FOR 2014 -
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Moving into Winter hibernation, we focus now on slowing down, being close to home and taking care of that which needs attention during dark mid-winter. Our courses start again in the Spring, as the growing energy returns. We begin with Annette’s Basic course THE SHAMANS JOURNEY in Copenhagen, 14-16 March, and after that Jonathan and Zara will host a SHAMANIC PRACTICE WEEKEND at Åsbacka on the theme of Balance, 5-6 April.

In 2014, we will run a wide variety of courses. Jonathan and Zara will be in Hungary, Ireland, England and Italy, doing both longer workshops such as SPIRITUAL ECOLOGY and the weekend intensives Living Gratitude, Step into Change, and Responsibility & Joy.

The summer is spent in Sweden with SHAMANIC HEALING and SHAMANIC COUNSELLING and the year is wrapped up with the deep and wonderful DEATH & LIFE course at Poulstone.

Annette is offering a rare chance to do SEIDR training with her in England. She is also teaching SPIRIT VOICE in Denmark and a new extended version of INTO THE JOURNEY. All are excellent ways of developing and deepening your relationship with the Spirits.

We wish you rich and powerful times together with your Helpers & Teachers, and blessings on the adventures ahead.








Today I woke up thinking about Time. I always start thinking about Time in the Autumn as the days grow shorter. Time - there is never enough for everything. But is that true? Busying this morning I heard myself thinking: “I’ve got to catch my breath.” Catch my breath! Sitting down, I felt my breath – breathing in – breathing out.

There is time for everything, I thought, starting with time to stop. How easy it is to blame other things, like “no time.” But there are no “other things.” There is no “other.” There is no “them.” We are. We all are. And we have the ability to respond to whatever is. But is it my responsibility to do everything? It doesn’t matter how much time we have. None of us can know that.

What matters is what we do with the time we do have. Today I will take the time to stop, the time to breathe, the time to feel my feet on the Earth, the time to reach out and touch the light as it changes as the days grow shorter, the time to feel that we all are connected and that there is no separation. Thank you, Spirits! Thank You for today!



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This autumn THE SHAMANS JOURNEY will be taught in two places on the same weekend, 4-6 Oct. Jonathan will be teaching in London, England, and Annette will be teaching in Copenhagen, Denmark. This introduction course is open to everyone, not just beginners. It is also excellent for those who already know how to journey, as it makes a solid and clear foundation for shamanic practice, and helps you to explain about journeying when working with personal clients.

After London, Jonathan will travel to Herefordshire to do PEACE & POWER at Poulstone, 9-13 Oct. This beautiful retreat is already fully booked with a long waiting list, but if you want to join us in spirit, why not visit with your power animal or teacher and ask them for a teaching about peace in your life right now.

In the Full Moon days up to the autumn Equinox, Annette is doing MOON POWER in Jutland, Denmark, 19-22 Sep, working with themes of fruitfulness, power and change. It is for women only, and in Danish.



New Articles on the Website
The two new articles by Jonathan and Annette recently published in A Journal of Contemporary Shamanism have been added to our online library. Here you can read Annette’s newest thoughts about Seidr and find out more about shamanic activism as Jonathan talks with US shamanic teacher Lenore Norrgard

Course Programme for 2014
Most of our courses for next year will be announced on the website in early October, so please come back then and have a look.

SCSS on Facebook
Now there's a Facebook page for Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies. We use it for news and other shamanic items in between newsletters. We know that many of you are not on FB, so it will complement, not replace, our newsletters and website.





It was a long winter, but now it seems we can finally say “Spring is here!” How wonderful to walk on the bare Earth, feeling that raw, re-awakening power come up through the snow-flattened grass. I always become more Earth-conscious in the Springtime, the joy of the early days of smells and textures in the air, the new shoots penetrating through last year’s leaves, the brush of green on the willow, hazel and beech.

This joy is sometimes dampened by the constant reminders that some people look at the Earth only as a thing to be exploited for capital gain. Recently, someone wrote to me asking: “How do we teach the value of water to those who are not awake?” She had just read that the chairman of the Nestlé corporation claimed that access to drinking water is not a human right.

In the face of such tragedy and greed, what can we do? It can be easy to lose heart and feel hopelessness creeping in. And yet there is so much we can do. As many of us may have experienced, small things can make a great difference. One small step can create a change that will lead to something huge.

We are many and we can make a difference! Rumi wrote: “do not go back to sleep.” Don’t be weighed down by what seems to be obstacles. There are many people all over the world who are choosing to do something they believe in, and each small step inspires another. Wherever we are, we can help to remind each other of the essential value of the earth, the air, the water and the sun.

One of the people doing this is my friend Nellie Dee Kyne. She recently left her job to walk around the world for two years to raise awareness for the Earth - She hopes to inspire others and asks you to join in, in whatever way is easy and joyful. She herself is inspired by the dedication of Polly Higgins, a UK lawyer who campaigns to end ecocide - the wilful destruction of ecological systems Their aim is to make ecocide a World Court recognized “crime against humanity” She speaks with passion about making this happen and asks for your support – however small, it always helps.

There are many of these growing movements taking place around the world. And if you cannot do something big, do something small. Remember the wise words of Ghandi – be the change you want to see and make your life your message.

We know the Spirits are with us. We know that change can come in many forms. Through our actions, we can choose to be ambassadors of the Spirits and make sure that there is always a place in the world for their power and their presence.
Springtime is the season of hope and growing energy – so let the power of the season help you to feel the joy of life. Ask your Spirits: "what can I do today to help support the Earth and give thanks for being alive"? They will show you and help you to do it. If we don’t go back to sleep and keep our intent strong, we can all help to create change



(click on course titles for more info)

The next introduction course is the extended residential THE SHAMANS JOURNEY with Jonathan at Tokalynga, Sweden, 18-21 July. This is great both for beginners and those who want to revitalise their shamanic practice. You will learn how to use traditional methods of singing, dancing, and drumming to shift to shamanic consciousness, meet Spirit helpers, and explore the spirit world. Taking place in the beautiful Swedish countryside, we will also work shamanically in Nature.

There are a few places left on RETURN TO SPIRIT at Tokalynga, Sweden, 23-28 July. This retreat centers on strengthening your relationship with the Spirits, which is the heart of all shamanic practice.

Courses are booking up fast this year, so if you want to come, please let us know soon. SOUL RETRIEVAL in June is already full with a waiting list.

For those of you who have experience and an active practice in shamanic healing, there is an opportunity to attend the advanced retreat SHAMANIC HEALING 2, Åsbacka, 21-25 August. This is a time for going deeper on the healing path if you have already made a commitment to this work. Please apply by letter, see website for details.

In Denmark, Annette’s next course is MOON POWER, 19-22 Sep, working with the cycles of fruitfulness - both in nature and in our own bodies. It is for women only, and in Danish.



The International Shamanic Community
The ISC was set up by and for people who have worked with Jonathan and Annette to help sustain a sense of community, support and inspiration beyond workshops. Every year the ISC holds a summer gathering where members come together to do shamanic work and celebrate being in circle. This year the ISC Summer Gathering will be hosted by Zara & Jonathan at their retreat center Åsbacka in southern Sweden, 21-23 June, the weekend of Midsummer and the Full Moon. To find out more, see

New Articles
Annette has written a new inspiring article on Seidr for the current issue of "Journal of Contemporay Shamanism". In the same issue, you can read Jonathan in conversation with American teacher
Lenore Norrgard, discussing shamanic activism. It is out now and you can subscribe to get your copy here

Drum-making Course in Finland
Christiana Harle is holding her annual drum-making workshop, Birthing of a Shaman’s Drum, in North Karelia, Finland 24-30 June. Christiana worked together with Jonathan and Annette for many years and is herself an experienced teacher of shamanism. Her work is also inspired by her extensive practice in Tuva, which she has written an
article about. This excellent opportunity is more than a craft workshop as it involves working shamanically with the Spirit of the Drum and learning how to honour it. It will be taught in both English and Finnish. For more information, email Christiana or see the course page on Facebook






Forest Stream Winding Path


Many of us recognize the importance of finding and following our own path. My own life experience has been that sometimes I find my path to be be hard and stony, sometimes smooth, sometimes inspiring, sometimes boring, and sometimes it just didn’t seem to be there at all - even though it always is.

In January, I volunteered to be Firekeeper for our International Shamanic Community (ISC). The Firekeeper takes on the responsibility of tending the spirit fire of the community for one month and keeping it burning bright. This tradition is now entering its third year and many people have carried this torch and passed it on to others.

When I decided to take this on, I did it because I felt it was my duty. But as I moved into it, I realized how much I was enjoying it. Somehow the duty transformed into fun. In the past, I have always looked on responsibility as something I had to bear, and bear alone. This meant that I often felt it was overwhelming. But by being Firekeeper I came to feel the joy of responsibility. I was holding the Fire not only for the Circle, but with the Circle, and with the Spirits. This opened the door to power.

Responsibility starts with accepting responsibility for our own lives, our own path. At some point in our lives we are turned loose, or we break out. At that point, we have to take responsibility for ourselves. By stepping into responsibility, we also step into power. Unless we accept our responsibility we can never accept our power. The two go hand in hand. And when we accept responsibility with Joy and with Heart, it becomes truly empowering - and we do it because we want to, not because we have to.

I look forward to finding out more about the joy of responsibility – and the responsibility of joy. With these two staffs supporting me, one in each hand, I can walk my path with power, following wherever it leads me. Let’s see where it goes.



(click on course titles for more info)

As the seeds of spring start to grow, so our courses begin again. First is THE SHAMANS JOURNEY in Copenhagen, 8-10 March, taught by Annette in Danish. On 6-7 April, Jonathan and Zara are holding a SHAMANIC PRACTICE WEEKEND at Åsbacka, with the theme of “Joy and Responsibility”.

The season continues with Jonathan giving a very special workshop in northern Italy, BLESSING THE SHAMAN'S WAY, 26-28 April. It is a weekend hosted by a local shamanic circle and a wonderful opportunity to explore the power of blessing in a magical setting near Torino. Jonathan goes on to teach INTO THE JOURNEY in London, 17-19 May. This essential course will help you to strengthen the heart of your shamanic practice, whether you are new on the path or have walked it for years.

In Denmark, Annette has a brand new course in Danish called FOREST POWER, 9-12 May, about finding power and vision in nature, and how to keep that “forest power” in daily life.



New Articles
Annette has written a new inspiring article on Seidr for the next issue of "The Journal of Shamanic Practice".
In the same issue, you can read Jonathan in conversation with American teacher Lenore Norrgard , discussing shamanic activism. It will be out in March and you can subscribe to get your copy here

The International Shamanic Community
The ISC was set up by and for people who have worked with Jonathan and Annette to help sustain a sense of community, support and inspiration beyond workshops. To find out more, including how to join, see


*** For full information on all courses and how to book, see the website coursepage ***