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Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies

midwinter juniper


It is the Dark Time. To lighten the darkness, we in the North have been blessed with snow, changing the landscape and showing us new and unsuspected forms and shapes where the familiar once was. Many people of the world recognize the time of darkness as a time of repairing, a time of rest. For many animals it is a time of hibernation. The trees stop – their leaves have fallen, the sap is still, and they wait for Spring. Some say, that at the Winter Solstice the Sun stands still in the Sky for three days, resting, looking around, gathering strength for the year to come. And so we stand still, seeing ourselves reflected in the world around us, and the world around reflected in us, before we move on to celebrate with others the darkness - and the returning of the light. Let the world stop. Soon enough it will start again. Feel the peace of rest, and in that peace find power for the year to come. We send you all many thanks for this year that has been, and look forward to being with you in the days to come. May the Returning Sun bring to you Power, Peace, and Good Health.


Jonathan has a SHAMAN’S JOURNEY basic course in Stockholm in 18-20 Feb. It is the first time Jonathan has taught in Stockholm for many years. If you know anyone who might be interested, please let them know. Annette will be offering the SHAMAN'S JOURNEY in Danish in Copenhagen, April 1-3.

The SHAMANISM & STORY workshop 15-16 Jan is almost full. After this, the next shamanic practice weekend at Åsbacka will be 30 April - 1 May. The theme will be announced in the new year.

The weekend course in London with Jonathan & Nick Wood, BLESSING THE SHAMAN'S WAY, 4-6 March, is booking up very fast. There are very few places left.

In the Spring, Jonathan will be going to Hungary to teach SHAMANISM, DEATH & LIFE, April 12-17. The course will be held near beautiful Lake Balaton, and being in Hungary is an opportunity to work with shamanism in a different environment, with people who have a strong shamanic tradition, network and practice. Annette also will be teaching Shamanism, Death and Life, May 19-22 in Danish, near Skanderborg in Jutland. The course not only deals with the traditional shamanic work around death, but also looks at working with the endings and losses we experience in everyday life. We both feel that this is one of the most life-empowering courses we teach.

For more information on all courses and how to book, please go to the coursepage


LIVE ON-LINE BROADCAST INTERVIEW WITH JONATHAN – December 14, 2010. Christina Pratt, US shamanic practitioner and editor of “The Encyclopaedia of Shamanism” is interviewing Jonathan who will talk about power, shamanism, and healing in the 21st century. To listen go to:

ISC WINTER FEASTS - the International Shamanic Community (ISC) is once again offering a season of Winter Feasts, in the UK and other countries. Winter Feasts keep us joined even though we are far apart geographically. Whether you are an ISC member or not, why not invite some shamanic friends together and celebrate connection? If you are far away from anyone, you can join by lighting a candle with intention and singing and drumming. Read more about the ISC and Winter Feasts at:





Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies

autumn magic


Autumn is a time of undeniable change. The leaves turn, the colours shift, the trees let go. Winds come and sweep our world clean, turning it into the new season. There have been many changes lately in my life, and perhaps there have been in yours as well. How do we respond? As Rumi invites us in "The Guesthouse", can we welcome them and see what gifts they are bringing? Sometimes change is very tough. Rites of passage or transition rituals can help, and there was a lot of this work being done at the recent Society for Shamanic Practitioners conference in England that I attended. And now once again, I find myself crossing a bridge and stepping onto new ground.

As many of you know, I have long talked about wishing to travel less. I love teaching and hope to continue for a long time to come. And things are changing. Living at Åsbacka offers a wonderful centre for my work, and much of my teaching will take place here next year. I hope many of you will come and experience (and re-experience!) the beauty and power of this special place. I will still be teaching in England in 2011, but less so. At the moment I am not planning any basic courses there next year – but things can always change! If you or anyone you know wish to join one of our circles, this autumn’s courses are a good time.

Annette is continuing to transform her life and teaching practice. It is a year of many completions, and the courses are on the low fire in this period. She will definitely continue to teach in Denmark and elsewhere. Both Annette and I will continue to travel and teach where we are invited. If you want to organise a workshop for either of us, please get in touch and talk with us about it.

For 2011 I will be offering a new shamanic Blessing course in London, as well as core essentials such as Soul Retrieval (Tokalynga), Death & Life (Hungary), and Shamanic Counselling 1 (Herefordshire). There is also a rare chance to do Shamanic Counselling 2 (Åsbacka).

Another change is that Lisa Sture will no longer be organising courses in England for us after 2010. She is moving on to running her own raw food company and focusing her energies on that. The courses this autumn will be the last that Lisa helps with, and after that most of my courses in 2011 will be organised from Åsbacka by Zara. We want to thank Lisa for the hard work, warm heart, vision and huge passion she has brought to our time together, and we send her off with many blessings as she moves into this new phase in her life.

Life is change. Shamanism is change with Power. What power and teachings will the next few months bring? Whatever they are, I wish you blessed times of awareness, with hopes that we can remind each other of the power of just being alive in these magical, challenging times. ~ Jonathan ~


This autumn Jonathan will be teaching three courses, beginning with SHAMANIC HEALING in Ireland. Co-taught with Liam Glenanes, it runs 6-10 October. Jonathan will not be teaching in Ireland next year, so this is a rare chance to work with him in this beautiful place of wild water and vast skies.

There will be two SHAMAN'S JOURNEY introductory courses in October - Annette is teaching in Danish in Copenhagen, 29-31 October, and Jonathan is teaching in English in London, 22-24 October.

Jonathan will also be offering RETURN TO SPIRIT at Poulston (Hereford, UK) 27-31 October. This very special retreat is an opportunity to find or go further on your spiritual path and deepen your commitment to the Spirits.


ISC COMMUNITY MEETING, 13-14 November, London - the International Shamanic Community (ISC) was set up by and for people who have worked with Jonathan or Annette to help sustain a sense of community, support and inspiration outside of workshops. It also offers help as a Healing Circle. In the meetings we gather to explore the next phase of the community, how to work together and what it means to connect to an international spirit circle. You can read more about it at:




oak leaf





Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies


Our autumn season begins with Jonathan leading a SHAMANIC PRACTICE WEEKEND at Åsbacka, Southern Sweden, 4-5 September. The theme will be "BLESSING" and different ways to work shamanically with its power.

Annette will be in England in September, teaching SEIDR: Working with Vision, Power and the Land. A rare opportunity, it will explore the powerful tools of song and staff, and work with community ritual. This is a rare opportunity, as Annette will probably not be theaching this material in England for some years. It is held near Glastonbury, 15-19 Sept. 

Jonathan will be in Russia teaching PEACE & POWER on the 21-26 Sep, and then in Ireland for the SHAMANIC HEALING course, 6-10 October

After this he will be teaching THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY introductory course in London, UK, 22-24 October. This is one of the few basic courses we are giving this year, so if you or someone you know are interested in exploring shamanism, please come along to this one. 

Jonathan will also be offering RETURN TO SPIRIT at Poulston (Hereford, UK) 27-31 October. This very special retreat is an opportunity to find or go further on your spiritual path and deepen your commitment to the Spirits. 

For more information on all these courses and how to book, please go to the coursepage here


UK SHAMANIC CONFERENCE - Jonathan has been invited to give the plenary sessions at the Society for Shamanic Practitioners (SSP) conference in England, 9-12 Sep. For more information, see

INTERNATIONAL SHAMANIC COMMUNITY - the ISC was set up by and for people who have worked with Jonathan or Annette to help create a sense of community, support and inspiration outside of workshops. It has been going for nearly two years and now has its own website with lots of information -  Here you can read about the next ISC COMMUNITY MEETING held in London 13-14 November and how to join.







Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies



Walking around Åsbacka, seeing the lingonberries blossom, feeling the rain, smelling the wet bark of the trees in the forest, hearing the blackbird’s song and the croak of the raven, I often feel myself to be in Paradise. Indeed, that’s how many people describe Åsbacka within minutes of their first arrival. A little piece of Paradise. And it is. But every day brings more news from the Gulf of Mexico and the disastrous tragedy affecting so many millions of beings in so many ways we can’t even begin to imagine. Some might say, “Oh, yes, but that is over there.” It is not over there. It is right here. We are all connected. Today it’s the oil covered seabirds, or the Louisiana shrimp fishers’ families reaching into empty pockets, or the impoverished Haitians, even poorer because of the earthquake, but forgotten because other disasters have made them old news. Who will it be tomorrow? We share this planet with so many. The greater the gift, the greater the responsibility. There are so many ways we can help. Please remember to do what you can. Small things can make a big difference. We send you all wishes for a powerful summer.     Jonathan. 



Jonathan will be teaching THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY extended introductory course at Tokalynga, Southern Sweden, 22-25 July. This is one of the few basic courses we are giving this year, so if you or someone you know are interested in exploring shamanism, please take the chance to come along to this one.

Jonathan and Zara are also holding a "Taster Day" in shamanic practice for beginners. It will be taught in Swedish, and held on 17 July at Åsbacka, Southern Sweden.

Jonathan is for the first time in many years offering SPIRITUAL ECOLOGY at Tokalynga, 27 July - 1 August. Focusing on our relationship with the world around us, it explores working with Nature and the Elements, through journeying, outdoor work and ritual. More than ever, this work is needed now to see how we can help heal not only other people but also the Earth and the places she offers to us as home. Working with Nature is one of the cornerstones of shamanic practice and brings many different, often surprising, rewards.

The SHAMANIC COUNSELLING 1 course at Åsbacka (15 - 21 Augis now almost full.

In England, Annette will be teaching SEIDR: working with Vision, Power and the Land. Carrying on the theme of Nature and Earth, it will explore the powerful tools of song and staff, and also work with seiðr as community ritual. It is held near Glastonbury, 15-19 Sept

As a seidr appetiser, Annette’s new article on the Legacy of Seiðr SONGS OF ENCHANTMENT is now in our article library here. It is a sneak premiere, before it appears in the upcoming issue of UK magazine Caduceus.

For more information on all these courses and how to book, please go to the coursepage


SPIRITS, CLIMATE AND POLITICS - Annette has written a fascinating account of her meeting with a Peruvian Healer last December: "Curandera and the Climate Conference". It features in the new issue of UK magazine Sacred Hoop. To get hold of a copy, go to 

UK SHAMANIC CONFERENCE - Jonathan has again been invited to the Society for Shamanic Practitioners (SSP) UK conference in England, 9-12 Sept. This year's theme is "Dancing with the Cycles of Life" and Jonathan is giving three plenary sessions, starting off each day. For more information, see

ISC SUMMER GATHERING - the International Shamanic Community (ISC) continues to grow and is having its second Summer Gathering 6-8 Aug, at Wild Ways in Shropshire, UK. There are now over 80 members from many different countries and as long as you have some kind of shamanic practice, you are welcome to join in this weekend. There will be a wide variety of shamanic work offered, with community building, ceremony, healing, friendship and fun. For more information, visit








Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies

A week ago, as the snow continued falling though the days grew longer, I received word that an old friend had left the Land of the Living. For me, it is still so difficult to absorb that one so vibrant is no longer walking on this Earth. I went outside to leave food for the birds and the deer. I heard the fluttering of the birds’ wings. In the woods I saw the deer-tracks, clustering where I had put food for them the day before. Even though it is not always as we want it, Life goes on. It does not stop. And, like the seasons, it changes.  ~Jonathan~



After a snowy Winter in the woods, Jonathan will be visiting the UK and offering THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY introductory course in London, 26-28 March. We have always depended on your personal recommendations for which we are very grateful, so if you know anyone who may be interested in experiencing shamanism in this way, please pass on the word. 

During the Easter holidays, SHAMANISM, DEATH AND LIFE will take place at beautiful Poulstone Court in Herefordshire, March 31 - April 4. This is a particularly powerful time of year to do this work, as re-birthing energies gather and grow strong.

This Spring Jonathan is also teaching a brand new course RHYTHMS OF LIFE  at Åsbacka (southern Sweden), 21-25 April

Following the international trail, Jonathan will also be in Hungary for the PEACE AND POWER   retreat , 11-16 May, at a beautiful venue near Lake Balaton.

There will be another introductory SHAMAN'S JOURNEY weekend workshop in Bristol, UK, 21-23 May. This will be taught by Anstice Fisher and Julia Elliot as part of a trial teaching-mentoring program (more information about this program will be sent out later). Both Anstice and Julia have worked with Jonathan extensively and have assisted on many of his workshops.


 “Songs of Enchantment - the legacy of the Seiðr tradition” is the name of a new article Annette has written, featured in the upcoming April issue of the UK magazine Caduceus. It is a great introduction for her workshop on Seiðr in September near Glastonbury.  

The next meeting of the INTERNATIONAL SHAMANIC COMMUNITY (ISC) will be in Birmingham, UK, on the 17-18 April. If you are interested in coming along to help shape the ISC or join in with community spirit work, anyone who has worked with Jonathan and Annette is invited, whether you are an ISC member or not. The April meeting is hosted by Nellie Kyne, David Scott and Catherine Corrie.


For the second year, Annette is doing 2 one-day spring Workshops on Herb Lore and Herb Magic, in Copenhagen. As they are more than full, Annette has added 2 extra  days: April 18 and May 9,  in Danish.

NEW ARTICLE: For anyone else who is interested in shamanic herb lore, or wants to craft their own herb smudge incense this year, we have just added - with the kind help from Nick Breeze Wood of Sacred Hoop magazine -Annette’s article “Sacred Smoke” to our article library








Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies

living earth


“I am here to tell you that The Earth is alive!”

Angelica Canchumani Ricse, Quechua curandera,
at the Copenhagen Climate Forum, Dec 09

We hope that our 2010 courses and retreats will continue to help empower and heal our relationships with the Earth and all of her children. Here is our current offering of work. After this, you can read more about our personal experience of the Climate Conference in Copenhagen and the spiritual connections made. More than ever, all of our shamanic practice makes a difference to the world and we hope to join with many of you in the coming year to continue working with power. 


The next Shamanic Practice Weekend at Åsbacka is on the Spring Equinox (March 20-21) and we will be working with Balance.  Jonathan will also be leading the brand new retreat Rhythms of Life at Åsbacka, April 21-25.

And to the people in Southern Sweden: Remember also to check out the Danish NYHEDER and KURSER now and then, there might be something tempting announced for  Copenhagen……


Full updated information for 2010 courses is now here on the Course page

Our next course in the UK will be Annette teaching Spirit Voice: Shamanic Singing  

in London, February 12-14.

Annette will also be teaching a brand new course in Holland, Seiđr Craft. March 12-14.  It is a special weekend also inviting people with no previous shamanic training! Only a few places left.

Jonathan will be teaching The Shaman’s Journey in London March 26-28, followed by Shamanism, Life, and Death during the Easter Holidays, March 31 to April 4.

Jonathan will also be offering Soul Retrieval and Peace and Power in May in Hungary, at a beautiful venue in the area of Lake Balaton.

Spiritual Ecology will be the summer course at Tokalynga July 27-31, dealing in-depth with our relationship to Nature and the Earth.


We have put a new article on Seiđr called “Keep It close to Nature” on the website library here


During the climate summit in Copenhagen in December we had the honour to host an international group of wonderful NGO people from the project “Conversations with the Earth”. They had come to amplify the earth-wise voices of indigenous people.

Angelica Canchumani Ricse, a curandera and ritual leader of the Quechua people, her daughter and apprentice Irma Poma, and film maker Maja Tillman, from Peru stayed in Jonathan’s house while he was away, and Annette acted as their host. It was an unexpected gift to be able to witness Angelica’s ritual work, to talk with her about it and see the comparisons and similarities to our own work.

In the middle of the confusion of the Climate Conference, it was incredibly uplifting to hear both shamans and experienced NGO activists speaking of the necessity of rituals honouring Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) in the same breath as they spoke of treaty paragraphs and indigenous land-rights. Spiritual Ecology and practical work ø also political ø are irrevocably tied together in a liveable future for the Children of the Earth.

Annette is hoping to share her experiences in an article, which we will add to our  English article library. In the meantime you can learn more about the important work of “Conversations with the Earth” on There is also a video with Angelica and Irma in their home valley in the Andes.