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The Shaman's Journey
29-31 March 2019, Denmark
17-21 July 2019, Halland, Sweden
Autumn 2019, Denmark

Shamanic Practice Day
1 Dec 2018, Åsbacka, Sweden
Into the Journey
29-31 March 2019, Ireland
Being Home
4-7 April 2019, Ireland
Help for Helpers Retreat
23-28 April 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden
Legacy of the Wise Ones
1-5 May 2019, Wales
29 May-2 June 2019, Hvalsø, Denmark
Stories of Nature
24-30 June 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden
Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval 
24 July-3 Aug 2019, Tokalynga, Sweden

Shamanic Counselling 1
18-24 Aug 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden

Shamanism, Death & Life
Autumn 2019, Denmark
Spirit Voice  
Peace and Power
Return to Spirit
Spiritual Ecology
Spirit Dance & Ceremony
Shamanic Healing 2
Shamanic Counselling 2
Rhythms of Life 
Step Into Change


This course explores the cycle of fruitfulness in Nature around us and in our own bodies. We will turn to the Autumn Equinox and Full Moon for direct teachings on power, transition and change.

The aim of the course is learning the ways of Moon and Sun, and using the moonblood and the moontime as a ritual space, where we can welcome the power and work together with it.

The themes of the course naturally focus on essential shamanic training: how to handle power when it arrives uninvited, how to apply it wisely, how to ground it, and learn the art of balancing clear intent with surrender.

We will work both inside and outside in nature under the equinox moon.

The course is for women of all ages, both almost-beginners as well as more experienced.

You can read more about moonpower in BLESSED BY THE MOON

19-22 September, 2013: near Skanderborg, Jutland, Denmark. Taught by Annette in Danish. Contact Regitze Bay, best by e-mail Tel: (+45) 27 14 07 25. Price including room and board DKK 3200, deposit DKK 1000.

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