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The Shaman's Journey
29-31 March 2019, Denmark
17-21 July 2019, Halland, Sweden
Autumn 2019, Denmark

Shamanic Practice Day
1 Dec 2018, Åsbacka, Sweden
Into the Journey
29-31 March 2019, Ireland
Being Home
4-7 April 2019, Ireland
Help for Helpers Retreat
23-28 April 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden
Legacy of the Wise Ones
1-5 May 2019, Wales
29 May-2 June 2019, Hvalsø, Denmark
Stories of Nature
24-30 June 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden
Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval 
24 July-3 Aug 2019, Tokalynga, Sweden

Shamanic Counselling 1
18-24 Aug 2019, Åsbacka, Sweden

Shamanism, Death & Life
Autumn 2019, Denmark
Spirit Voice  
Peace and Power
Return to Spirit
Spiritual Ecology
Spirit Dance & Ceremony
Shamanic Healing 2
Shamanic Counselling 2
Rhythms of Life 
Step Into Change

LIVING SPIRIT - Shamanism Inspiring Life

The Earth is a living universe where everything is connected. In the shamanic way of life, we communicate with both seen and unseen aspects of the world. This allows us to come into deeper contact with both other humans and the more-than-human – Nature, Elements, Spirits. This way of being gives us an expanded sense of home and helps us to learn more about what it means to be part of the whole.

The ancestors of each and every one of us were once indigenous people. What connects us to them beyond our DNA? Our ancestors were able to survive not only through their skills in dealing with the physical world – they also knew the spirit side of life. This knowledge is not lost to us today. Each of us is born with the ability to connect to the Spirit World. Once in contact, we can retrieve some of what has been lost and begin to remember - remember who we are, remember how to live and remember to remember.

This experiential workshop will help you to open further to the invisible side of life and deepen relationships to spirit helpers so you can find insight and guidance on how to walk in the world and play your part. We will work with drum journeys, medicine walks, deep listening, ceremony and song to find out how to live more fully, and discover what changes we need to make in our lives so that our roots can stay strong and nourished in modern urban environments.

Often we feel challenged by the world around us. By bringing our spiritual practice to life, it can inspire all that we do. When the everyday seems chaotic or confused, we can keep our hearts steady, act from a place of connection rather than fear, learn to respond rather than react, and find a bigger perspective to sustain the courage it takes to participate.

Life is a ceremony and every day we have the choice of how to greet it. By asking for help and accepting support, we can work with power, change, responsibility and joy. Through shamanic practice, we can ask how to best use our skills, talents and energy; we can find out what we need to give and what we need to receive. By speaking and listening directly to the Earth, we come to a place where we ask not only for what we want, but also for what we need.

By re-connecting to our natural community including humans, nature, and spirits, we turn a feeling of longing into a sense of belonging. We invite a way of life where we are no longer isolated individuals but participating in the whole. We find a Song of Home.

Participants must have completed introductory course The Shaman's Journey or agreed equivalent. It is necessary that participants can easily journey to the spirit world, and have a clear relationship with at least one spirit helper.

7-11 Nov, 2016: Schumacher College, Devon, UK. Taught by Jonathan and Zara, in English. Price: £795 including all food and accommodation.

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Please note that this is both a freestanding course, and also part of the longer “Becoming Indigenous” programme:

This course is offered in the Schumacher College format, which includes daily time in community groups to help clean, cook and garden. Read more about it here:

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