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The Shaman's Journey
24-26 Sept 2021, Jutland, Denmark

The Deepening Path
Begins 6 March, 5 sessions

Into the Journey
Begins 16 March, 5 sessions

Rhythms of Life (open to all)
Begins 21 March, 4 sessions
Healing Earth
Begins 26 June, 6 sessions
Sacred Ceremony (open to all)
Begins 5 Sep, 3 sessions
Open to Power (introduction course)
Begins 5 Oct, 4 sessions
Shamanism, Peace and Power
Begins 3 Nov, 4 sessions

Forest Seidr 
9-13 June 2021, Mid-Sjælland, Denmark

Spirit Voice
10-12 Sept 2021, Copenhagen

Talk: Shamanism, Change & Balance
18 March, free online Talk
Legacy of the Wise Ones
Shamanic Healing
Soul Retrieval
Iceland Seidr
Return to Spirit
Shamanism, Death & Life
Blessed by the Moon
Spiritual Ecology
Power of Ritual
Spirit Dance & Ceremony
Voice of the Earth
Being Home
Shamanic Counselling 1
Shamanic Counselling 2
Blessing the Shaman's Way
Step Into Change



Throughout the ages, the ones we call shamans or witches today, have been called by many different, local names: Trollkunniga, galdr-men, seidr-women, tietäjäs, noaidi in the Nordic countries. Wise or cunning folk, wicche in the British Isles. They were seers and healers, wise in the ways of magic. For thousands of years they practiced the tradition through changing conditions, each adding their specific experience to a vast body of sacred knowledge and magic wisdom.

Most of us today have not been able to learn directly from our wise elders, or our grandparents. Instead we have been searching for surviving knowledge, often in far away cultures. Annette has spent decades researching the magic and shamanic traditions and those who carried the craft, learning more about who they were. Even though her focus has been on wise folks of the Nordic lands, many of their methods and ways of relating to spirits and nature, are also found in the British Isles and elsewhere in Northern Europe. 

On this course, we will explore the actual legacy to us from some of these historical wise men and women, who lived and worked in our lands. From each of them we will learn directly, hear their story, be introduced to their special skills and their approach to power. On drum or sung journeys, by doing ceremony in nature, as well as lone work by lake and forest, we will ourselves experience their skills and craft, and learn how to integrate them into our own practice.  We shall work with well known ways, like viking age seidr – combining the power of song and staff. We shall also explore lesser known powerful methods, like ancient shamanic divination with power objects from nature. And we shall experience the healing power of song and word in blessing spells and incantations from later ages. And more.

The aim of the course is to inspire your practice and to root it in a historical perspective. Knowing our shamanic history, and appreciating the lives of those who have gone before, brings both richness and deeper authenticity to our work. During our work together you will acquire new skills and hone those you already have. The “new” skills, together with the mighty landscape that we work within, will also deepen your shamanic relationship to nature’s forces and beings.

This course is for both almost-beginners and the more advanced. Participants must have completed introductory course The Shaman's Journey or agreed equivalent. 

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