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The Shaman's Journey
24-26 Sept 2021, Jutland, Denmark

The Deepening Path
Begins 6 March, 5 sessions

Into the Journey
Begins 16 March, 5 sessions

Rhythms of Life (open to all)
Begins 21 March, 4 sessions
Healing Earth
Begins 26 June, 6 sessions
Sacred Ceremony (open to all)
Begins 5 Sep, 3 sessions
Open to Power (introduction course)
Begins 5 Oct, 4 sessions
Shamanism, Peace and Power
Begins 3 Nov, 4 sessions

Forest Seidr 
9-13 June 2021, Mid-Sjælland, Denmark

Spirit Voice
10-12 Sept 2021, Copenhagen

Talk: Shamanism, Change & Balance
18 March, free online Talk
Legacy of the Wise Ones
Shamanic Healing
Soul Retrieval
Iceland Seidr
Return to Spirit
Shamanism, Death & Life
Blessed by the Moon
Spiritual Ecology
Power of Ritual
Spirit Dance & Ceremony
Voice of the Earth
Being Home
Shamanic Counselling 1
Shamanic Counselling 2
Blessing the Shaman's Way
Step Into Change


The shaman is traditionally a servant of the Spirits and a servant of the Community. This special programme is intended for those who feel a calling to bring their spirit work into the world and develop an active and dedicated shamanic healing practice. It is an advanced course for those who already have a solid shamanic foundation and strong personal practice but need more help to work with others. Maybe you are just stepping out on your healing path or maybe you have been on it for a while, but now you feel a need to go deeper and make a commitment.

This intensive year will teach you many different shamanic healing techniques and concentrate on many different aspects of shamanic healing. You may know some of them already, and this will be an opportunity to deepen and develop your understanding. Shamanic healing is a path of constant learning.

To learn techniques is a necessary beginning, but a genuine and effective shamanic healing practice is about developing and maintaining a powerful connection with the Spirits, trusting them deeply and working together in partnership. The main work of the shaman is, and always has been, to heal illness and help others maintain balance, both physically, emotionally, spiritually and as a community. In the shamanic worldview, healing is not only an individual matter but is also related to the whole.

The concept of power is essential in understanding shamanic healing, as it nearly always deals with re-empowerment. During our year together, you will learn about power-loss and different ways to bring power back. We will also work with removing or transforming inappropriate power. We will examine a variety of shamanic healing tools, including song, words, blessings, bundles and ceremonies. We will look deeper into traditional practices such as soul retrieval and extraction, and explore shamanic distance healing. You will also find out how it is possible to work with healing in nature, and the special awareness needed in these situations.

In our time together, you will learn more about clear intention, holding space, deep listening to both clients and Spirits, seeing situations through shamanic eyes, and ways to help clients receive. We will look at the differences between healing and curing, and how to bring healing when a cure is not possible. We will explore the importance of ethics, and how to take care of ourselves while helping others. We will work together intimately as a group, sharing experiences, challenges and questions.

Much more than a course, this year-long programme offers an opportunity to grow and develop. Although the focus is on building your practice as a shamanic healer, it will also offer continued personal work to help you deepen yourself and strengthen your trust in the Spirits. In between meetings, you will be asked to reflect and digest, and put into practice what you learn. All participants will receive ongoing mentoring and guidance throughout the year to build confidence and discipline, and help you see more clearly how to find your way on the shamanic healing path.

Requirements: You must have taken The Shaman’s Journey with either Jonathan & Zara, or Annette. You should also have done at least 2 further courses with Jonathan & Zara. You may already have taken Shamanic Healing 1, but it is not necessary. It is helpful if you have taken one of the following: Soul Retrieval, Death & Life, Shamanic Counselling. It is absolutely necessary that you are able to come to all four meetings, as well as make plenty of time for shamanic healing homework in between.

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