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This is our gallery of pictures inspired by the worlds of the shaman.

The Picture Poems of Annette Høst
The source of my pictures is the enchantment and mingling of realms which surrounds us when we are between worlds – be it on shamanic journeys, alone in nature, or with our spirit allies. Letting my vision land on paper, I blend paper-cutting with drawing and collage.
Sometimes you will recognize motives from our common human spiritual heritage: figures from ancient rock art, prehistoric magic tools, old Siberian and Sami shaman-drums step into my pictures and transform from there. I feel this is paying homage to those who once made the original pictures – and to the timeless power of the spirits inhabiting those figures.



Tree of life    Eldertree  Sometimes
A song of Dybdyva  The great sea  Moon nest
The antlered one  Spirit boat  Wheel OF THE SUN

shaman drum shieldThe Story of our Drum Logo
Our logo depicts the essence of our work: the three worlds of the shaman – framed by the drum. Read the story of how we came to receive the logo here.


How you can use the images
All artwork in the gallery is copyright by Annette Høst, unless otherwise noted. You are very welcome to download and print the pictures for your personal use, when you include the source. If you want to redistribute or publish the pictures, including parts of them, or use them commercially, in any form or media, you need to contact Annette first to make an agreement. In all cases, the source should be clearly indicated.