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Talk: Shamanism, Change & Balance
Online Talk, 18 March
Talk: Shamanism as a Spiritual Path
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20-24 March, 2016: Schumacher College, Devon, UK. Taught by Jonathan and Zara, in English. Price, including all meals and accommodation: £795.00

For booking and practical info, contact:

Many people feel a deep love for nature, and a deep passion for creating a better world. But how often do we take time to talk to nature itself about what it wants, and needs? And how can it support and inspire us to find our way?

In this changing time of how we live on Earth, we need to listen to both human stories and the voices of nature. What do plants, trees, rivers, sky, stones and the wind have to tell us? What do they want us to hear? In the animistic worldview, everything on this planet is alive, every being and element has a soul and a spirit, and if we take time to slow down and connect, it is not hard to have a deeper relationship with what is around us. As we take time to communicate, we naturally move towards communion and feeling at one with the world.

On this workshop we will introduce simple ways to open to nature and hear what it has to tell us. In the space of the week, we will go on medicine walks, practice deep listening, write and tell stories, use a talking piece, and sit together in circle.

The power of story can help us bring the love we have for nature into connection with others. Stories are a magical and ancient way of passing on information and deep life teachings. Through story, we begin to have a heartfelt relationship to information, which makes it easier to digest and remember. It helps information come alive. If we learn to listen to nature, we can share its stories with other humans, and make nature’s own needs part of the equation. Through the simple act of telling stories, we can create strong long-lasting bonds between humans and our world.

This is not a shamanic course as such, but a course inspired by animism and a spiritual connection to Nature. It is not a course teaching storytelling techniques or writing skills. It is a course about coming into connection, about listening and sharing, and how to receive stories in a simple, powerful and surprising way.

It is about learning to be in a place where we find the stories that move us – both within our hearts and out into action. It is about exploring innovative and creative ways that writing and storytelling can help us listen to the world, and share that message with others.

This course is open to anyone interested in developing a deeper relationship with both nature and humans. No previous experience is needed. It will begin with a Spring Equinox ceremony and include a daytrip to an ancient stone circle on Dartmoor. For more info: