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Talk: Shamanism, Change & Balance
Online Talk, 18 March
Talk: Shamanism as a Spiritual Path
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This special gathering is dedicated to exploring what we as shamanic practitioners can do, and how we can live, to help bring healing to the situation on Earth at this time. We live in changing and challenging times – pollution, climate change, over-consumption, waste mountains, depleted resources, disappearing species and ecosystems, land wars, poverty, hunger, climate injustice. Now more than ever, we need to live our shamanic practice. We need to find ways to work with the Spirits to empower and inspire us so we can play our part and do what we can do.

This gathering is for you who feel an active call to take your shamanic practice into the world. Together we will find out more about how to give our time and energy to serving the Earth. Maybe there are special projects you want to get involved in, maybe you want to change the way you live, maybe there is an offering you hope to give, or maybe you are simply looking for guidance and support on how to best help.

By speaking with the Spirits, we will ask, listen and discover how to use our skills, talents, time and energy to make a difference. We will share our heart wishes, inspirations and best practice; our fears, worries and stumbling blocks. We will do drum journeys, nature work, dance and ceremony to help us hear what the Earth wants. We will work with peace, power, creativity, joy, responsibility and healing, and find out more about the role of sacred action and ceremony. We will begin from a place of love not fear, and let our love for the Earth be the fuel for all we do.

This gathering will be similar to our workshops in some ways but it will also be very different. It will be an open, living, communal, yet guided and held space. All participants will be asked to write a heart-statement as part of the booking process, to share your passions, what you need help with, and what you wish to contribute. In this way, all of us will be bringing gifts to the Earth through our dedication and intention.

The shamanic way helps us remember how to be in relationship with the world and live our gratitude for all we are given. Coming together in community, we become so much more than me, as we weave into common purpose, passion, power and prayer.

Participants must have completed introductory course The Shaman's Journey or agreed equivalent, and should have worked with the SCSS before. You need to have good contact with your Spirit Helpers and an active interest in working with and for the Earth.

25-30 July, 2017Tokalynga, Halland, Sweden. Held by Jonathan and Zara in English. The gathering will run from Tue 17.00 to Sun 15.00 and is fully residential. Price including food & accommodation: 5500 SEK, deposit 2000 SEK.

For more information about the gathering and the special booking process, please email Zara: